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north dalarna

One of the peaks of North Dalarna, it's an ancient mountain holding traces of the Ice Age, like the glacial meltwater ridges that can  be seen on its western side, while the eastern side is home to some of the oldest forests of the county. 

Although it's a famous ski destination attracting many tourists in winter, I love it in the autumn season, with its moody landscapes and fairy tale forests with the most incredible colors.



One of Sweden's highest trail, winding between mount Nipfjället and Städjän in the nature reserve named after the two peaks. An unforgettable hiking journey, through ancient mountain holdings, old-growth forest, glittering lakes and bogs.

Here are some pictures of the vast plateau that in autumn turns red because of the colors of the berry bushes covering the ground and in summer is often wrapped in a magical mist. 

The peak I have photographed is the beautiful mount Städjan "a dwelling place for gods" as the Swedish scientist Olof Rudbeck called it, and a sacred mountain for the Sami people. To me it's the land of the reindeer, because this is where you might see them roaming free if you visit during the summer season.


The national park, named after the Fulufjället massif, is an unique and varied environment. A high plateau deeply gouged by several rivers, covered in wetlands, rocks, lichens and old forests. On your way up to the plateau, you'll he the roaring waters of the amazing Njupeskär, a 90 meters waterfall into a narrow ravine flanked by rugged rocks and surrounded by a gorgeous natural scenario. Fulufjället is also a notable location for several species of birds and while driving to the park, you might meet the beautiful reindeer on their way to the mountains.

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