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Lights and shadows in the forest

Winter is over… Are you also feeling sad?

The contrast between dark and light in the North, from the short dark days to the everlasting summer light, why it is so difficult for me to adjust in the winter to summer transition and why walking in the forest is always the solution…

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Dark frozen pond in a limestone cave

Moody landscape

A darker take of a popular bathing and sunbathing place in Sweden… couldn’t make it to post more cheerful images these days…

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Sweden, enchanted old dwarf trees in the frozen wetlands

Solo hiking in the frozen wetlands

A photographic journey into the gorgeous frozen wetlands, following your guts when deciding a new destination, why solo hiking is the best way to connect with nature, unexpected encounters.

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Fog over an icy lake surrounded by the forest in blue shades and tones

Winter hiking adventures

Getting outside for a winter hiking no matter what’s the weather like is the best weapon against the winter boredom and the melancholy, along with candles and fairy lights….

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