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Waterfalls and forests, connecting with the magic world of Brattforsen

A visit to Brattforsen nature reserve, Örebro county, where the waters of the Nyttälven turn into beautiful little waterfalls roaring among pristine forests. An amusement park for everybody photographers, artists, scientists, adventurers and simple visitors.
Brattforsen rapids
The green waters of the river bed

Hej my friends!

With this post, I would like to take you with me in the magical world of the waterfalls.

Finally, I can share another little adventure in the magical world of nature!

I have waited all winter to be able to visit this nature reserve. I did not know too much about it a part what I’ve read on the website of Örebro county, where Brattforsen is located.

What immediately caught my attention was the association of waterfalls and forests. I am very attracted to water since I have being suffering from a strong intolerance to heat. Any temperature higher than 20 degrees Celsius makes my life really miserable, severely affecting my ability to function!🥴 I’m sure some of you can related to that!

Water is my main ally against the heat, even just seeing flowing water helps to relieve dizziness and fatigue, and any place with no water terrifies me, no matter how gorgeous! When I plan my hiking destinations I always check if there is any kind of water source, the sea, a lake, a pond, a river, a stream, or even just a little spring, all is welcome but total drought!

Maybe that’s the reason why I love so much Sweden, because there is water everywhere.

However, places like Brattforsen are special here too …

The nature reserve is located on a steep forest area, with slopes, huge cracked boulders, big tree roots on the narrow paths and precipices. I’ve tried to reach it many times in winter but there was always too much snow on the only road taking you there, tons of untouched high snow. Had to surrender after I got seriously stuck 🙄 As a consequence, Brattforsen, like some other beautiful places in that area, has remained a secret to be discovered for a long time.

Nature always teach us to be patient isn’t it?!

Gnarly roots and green moss in an old growth forest
Tree roots on the narrow paths of the hanging forests

Back to the nature reserve, a river called Nyttälven flows otherwise calmly from Dalarna to the Ljusnaren lake, and when it reaches Brattforsen and its steep boulders, it turns into roaring rapids which are particularly powerful in spring after the snow has melted.

Standing on top of the boulders looking down to the fast running water is a unique experience, making you humble in front of the mighty power of nature! The sound of the water is deafening, you can listen to it in the video below!

It’s an overcast day, the snow has recently melted, and the beautiful nature elements are starting to emerge, green is everywhere complementing the red of the heather bushes.

The total silence is only interrupted by the sound of water and the animals living undisturbed in this protected area.

It’s pure wilderness …

The light was a little surreal and somewhat spooky! There was such a weird and fascinating atmosphere all around, so much so that I could imagine all kind of movie scenes while walking around. I bet it would be a very interesting movie location, a challenge though under the logistic point of view!

In fact, a safety note is needed …. Although the path through the nature reserve is well signaled, it runs through dense old forests that have somehow managed to grown on the steep boulders. Their ground is covered with heather and blueberries bushes that often hide deep dangerous cracks. So, make sure you are wearing good ankle boots and most of all use hiking poles to check the ground before putting down your feet! 😏

However, you can enjoy the waterfall and the forest even if you are not an experienced hiker or if you are not properly equipped. There is a very easy, short path from the little car parking to a beautiful resting place from which you can enjoy the waterfall and the environment around. There is also a fire place and fire wood available.

Environments like this nature reserve are an amusement park for many kind of people. Photographers will find dramatic landscapes and a certain mood, painters and illustrators could sit under a tree and find great inspirations just observing shapes, textures, patterns and palettes, the scientists have one of the most prolific, varied natural environment to be discovered, a musician plenty of interesting sounds to be recorded, and the adventurous ones will have so much fun! By the way, if you bring some good ropes with you, you can also consider of descending from the top of the boulders into the narrow cracks, there are beautiful hidden environments to be discovered. Of course, avoid that if you don’t have experience! Safety always comes first!

You don’t need a perfect weather to enjoy the nature reserve. And this is true for many other natural environments. Every one of them has its own characteristics and depending on your interests, it’s not always true that sunny weather is ideal when going hiking! Of course, if you just want to enjoy the sun and the place you’r visiting is just an excuse to simply do some hiking, then a bright day is what you’r looking for.

If instead it’s mainly the location you are interested in, whatever is your activity, then you might also consider to get there when the weather is not at its best. Some location have a better impact on an overcast day, when it’s raining or in more challenging weather conditions!

Being curious and passionate is always good in life and I think it is also the best way to enjoy nature. I also think that the best way to see and experience a place is closing your eyes, grounding yourself and connecting. At the end of the day we are still nature and to nature will eventually return, so connecting with it is not so difficult as you might think!


I hope you have enjoyed the post and I wish you to be able to enjoy some nature this summer!


Till next time …


Take good care of view 🤍🤍🤍



Simona D'Auria

Hi! My name is Simona and I am a photographer and an illustrator in love with the natural world.

I live in Sweden in a small village on the forest hills, where I moved a few years ago leaving behind the busy city of London to pursue my artistic activity. ​This has been a long time dream that I eventually managed to fulfil. I have never regretted it!​​

Nature is my only place to be, hiking my way to explore it and photography is one of the means I use to record the fantastic stories I am so lucky to witness during my excursions. Many of these stories also turn into graphics or illustrations.