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The Nordic winter may be a dark and cold kingdom. An invisible mantle woven by ice and snow covers every living creature for a long time erasing nature details and turning every color mute. Daylight only lasts a few hours and the temperatures often drops well below zero. It can be daunting if your are not used to, but it's magical and it offers the most mesmerizing, ethereal landscapes I have ever seen, on the border between dream and reality. 

Being in the company of wild animals in their own environment is always a precious experience to me. Whenever I visit a new location, I tried to get a glimpse of its fauna too and I am doing my best to getting to know the animals that live in my local forests. It's a hard task, that requires lot of time, patience, technique, experience, equipment, and most of all, lots of love for these amazing creatures. Well, I definitely don't miss that!

Animals are my best friends, never get bored with them, they teach us so much and I believe we still have a lot to learn about them also. Here's  a little selection of pictures of the beautiful one I was lucky enough to meet in Sweden.


Mist is a wonderful gift for any landscape photographer. It can transform the most ordinary scene into magic, conveying mood and atmosphere.

To me it's nothing but the spirit of nature revealing itself to us, the energy in all things that we can see with our own eyes only now and then.