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Snowy pine tree trunks


I am a nature/landscape photographer and an illustrator  based in Sweden.

Forests lover and passionate hiker, I have moved from London to a small village on the forest hills to pursue my activity of photographer focusing on Scandinavian nature and landscapes. Living among nature has been a long time dream that I eventually managed to fulfill. I have never regretted it!


I love hiking in the wilderness, listening and observing the fantastic stories that nature tells every day. I try to interpret them through my camera and the editing process, which is where I become particularly creative. 

The contrast between light and shadow fascinates me, so you'll often find a hint of dark in my images.  I aim to create atmosphere and a certain mood.

I am also attracted by the textures of the natural world, particularly the ones that I meet in my daily excursions in the forests. My macro lens is always in my backpack. 

I particularly enjoy winter and I am fond of the subdued and muted colors of cold temperatures, but every season is a gift and has its reasons.

I follow nature and how it manifests itself at different time of the year. The only purpose of my editing process is to convey the mood of the scene, what I feel, smell and hear.

I am fond of Scandinavian nature and its endless forests, immense lakes, the alpine tundra, the wide mountain regions. I strongly believe that you can find beauty everywhere, even in less epic or iconic locations. 

If you like enchanted forests, wild environments, gorgeous lakes and magical snow landscapes this is your place.

I am available for collaborations and assignments.


I have started a blog where I m going to talk about what's behind my pictures, my life among the forests and my deep connection with nature, as well as  the places I visit during my hiking tours and my activity of location scouting here in Sweden. 

I truly believe that Nature is a powerful healer and of great benefit to anyone's body and soul.

Through my stories and my photos/video, I'd like to remind you about the immense beauty of the natural world, inspire you to experience the endless enjoyment of reconnecting with nature, live precious moments in it, re-discover our wild nature, and our ancestral instincts, that are still within us despite our tamed life.

Showing nature's beauty I also hope that more and more people will remember the importance of  treating with respect the planet we live on.

Hope you'r going to enjoy it!


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