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A love for Sweden forests

Sweden forests, wilderness and magic, an experience not to be missed

Forests are awakening ... the thawing process is almost done exposing moss, dead ferns and fallen pine needles. They are still messy, like when one has just woken up and hasn't yet combed.

I have missed the greens and the browns and the yellows, the textures, the sounds, and the soft ground ...

Walking on moss for the first time after months of deep snow and hard ice has been a great pleasure and an immense relief! A bit like when you take off your boots after a day of skying ... freedom!

They are still not the shining, twittering green forests of the bright season ... but still at the moment they somehow represent the real essence of Sweden forests, at least in the South center where I am based.

Sweden forests are wild,

but some of them wilder than others. They can be so dense and impenetrable that it is difficult to walk among them, let alone to take pictures. This is particularly true up on the forest hills. You might end up walking for ever on the uphill pathways passing by inaccessible forests before you can find a gap. You might experience what I call a "longing for space" that makes you peep desperately among the trees looking for an opening, some free space for your eyes, body and soul. These forests are also tricky, sometimes they lure you in a certain direction, as you think you have seen some light in the distance, a white gap, so you start walking off your path ... only to find .... another wall of trees!

On top of the forest hills

They are old and mysterious, being among them makes you really feel in the wild, where the beauty and the dangers of nature walk side by side, so much so that they can also be intimidating and little scary as you have the strong feeling that if anything happens it is going to be difficult to reach you. But this is part of a real adventure in the wild nature!

Although around the cities they might be more "domestic", most of Sweden forests are wild, so never think that you can "only go and take a walk" among them, it is going to be a beautiful, real, hiking experience.

Vasselsjön - Västmanland - A tiny path in the dense forest

Sweden forests are magic

It is a particular kind of magic, the one you can find in the Nordic tales, with enchanted stones, trolls and spirits of the nature sleeping below the mossy mounds.

Walking through the forest you always have a feeling that your are not alone, like someone or something is observing you.

Sometimes it is an ethereal, sweet kind of magic, some other times it is about darkness and mystery.

Kopparbeg, Västmanland - Magical stones in Finnkullberget nature reserve at sunset

"Troll" house in Salboknös forest

Deer feeder in Salboknös forest

White moss mounds in Kindla nature reserve

Whatever experience you are looking for, whether it is an adventurous excursion in the wild or a walk among enchanted woods, you'll have exciting good times in the Swedish forests.

Just put on your boots and start exploring!

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